Delivery Information

Please ensure to enter a correct delivery address and contact details. Deliveries will be made during business hours however we cannot guarantee the exact delivery time. If no one is at home the delivery will be left outside.

** We currently ship to these postcodes: 6000 – 6025, 6029, 6050 – 6055, 6058 – 6064, 6066, 6090 – 6110, 6147 – 6160, 6162 – 6164, 6166, 6800 – 6990.

Should your suburb not be included within the postcodes above, please get in contact with our office (08) 9375 7102 for further information.

Orders will be delivered on Mondays or Fridays (depending on the day and time they were placed). If you’d like to receive a delivery for a specific Monday or a Friday, please mention it in the comment section when placing your order.

No orders will be delivered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. Please refer to order/delivery schedule below:

Order day:Delivery day:
Saturday – WednesdayFriday
Thursday – FridayMonday

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